How To Get Rid of Acne & Pimples

What Is The Best Way?

how to get rid of pimples

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how to get rid of acnebest way to get rid of acne

If you are trying to find an answer to the question how to get rid of acne, you probably haven’t found the answer, since it is the wrong question to ask. Rather, the question should be what is the best way to prevent acne? This is because preventing pimples is far easier than trying to get rid of pimples.  In order to understand why asking “what is the best way to get rid of acne” is the wrong question, it is best to know how acne forms.  You get a white head or black head when a pore gets clogged with sebum (or oil from your skin) and bacteria begin to grow and multiply inside the pore, making it infected.  Now, the important part to know is that this process rarely happens overnight.  Instead, it starts deep in your skin and takes quite a while until it is infected enough to the point where you can see it.  In some cases, by the time you can spot acne, bacteria have been growing in the pore for weeks.  This is why many products that promise to get rid of pimples overnight fail to work, since by the time you can already see a whitehead or a blackhead, it is already near the end of its life cycle and trying to reverse that process that took weeks to develop overnight is very difficult.  Finally, who wouldn’t prefer prevention? I’m pretty sure most people would rather not have to deal with the problem period, rather than treating it after it shows up.

So, the question is not how to get rid of acne or pimples, it is how to prevent acne from ever happening.

Well, how do you go about doing that? The answer to this question is not so easy, since everyone’s skin is different depending on age, race, and genetics, so what works for one person does not always work for another.  However, the most popular way to approach this problem is through an acne treatment system that either prevents oil from clogging pores or kills the bacteria in order to prevent them from ever causing an infection.  This treatment should be repeated at least daily ideally, in order to ensure all day protection.   However, finding an effective treatment is difficult, and many do not work, which explains why there are hundreds of different acne products when you go to your local drug store.  The main problem is that they all work the same way, and are basically the same products just packaged under different labels.

This is the problem that I faced and realized when I had breakouts and tried just about everything out there. Some worked, most didn’t, but nothing was able to completely get rid of my acne for good. So, I started on a journey to finding a solution for myself with a crazy idea.  Since nothing was working, I decided to try the exact opposite of what everyone was telling me to see if it worked.  The biggest problem I found was that the majority of the products currently being sold are very harsh and drying, causing irritation, which leads to more breakouts.  Lastly, I would often times end up with much more oilier skin at the end of the night than I had in the morning and I learned that constantly drying out your skin actually causes it to kick into emergency mode and produce oil faster.  In order to fix these problems, I decided to try to make a oil based formula acne cream by using oils that actually help fight acne instead of causing it.  The oils would prevent irritation, dryness and ultimately stop my skin from kicking into emergency mode because my face lacked enough moisture to be healthy.  The results were great, and with a little fine tuning, I finally found the best way to get rid of acne.  I began sharing the cream first with only a few others that needed help and they absolutely loved it and said that I needed to keep on making it and they would pay any amount (within reason) for it. Over the course of several years, the cream was improved upon to make it suitable for everyone and not just me and EMC2 Acne Treatment and Research Center was born due to the support of the people that used it.  After going through hundreds of different formulas and many tests, only the best of the best versions of the cream were chosen. Although my journey to finding the answer to the age old question “how to get rid of pimples” was originally only for me, I am happy to have helped many people along the way and hopefully my findings can help you too. Check the home page to see reviews and what other people think about the acne cream or You can click here to find out more about this cream and how it works.